I am walking with my daughter in my dream, it appears to be in or around a church function.

My daughter is behind me as I take the lead in step; I see an older woman I am to walk up to. I extend my right hand for her to shake in a polite greeting and as our hands meet, I am filled with The Holy Spirit (Gods' presence); her eyes express with knowing as His presence of healing is; she then gently falls to the floor in slow motion. (slain in the spirit)

I turn to walk away and another woman I see; I lay one hand on her forehead and she gets irritated. "What are you doing ( as her eyes turned black with anger she yelled) Get away!"

I rebuked satan and told him to leave her, then I was to walk away.

Upon walking a short distance I see an older woman sitting in a wheelchair with hands so crippled from arthritis she could not bend any finger or hold them as they were to be held.

She raised them as I bent down to her. I placed my hands around one of her hands. I could feel the stiff swollen joints with huge arthritic knots all over.

I then looked at my daughter and Gods' presence left me.

I woke up full of His presence but ever so sorry for I knew what I had done wrong.

Was this a spiritual test? I believe 100% in my heart it was. A spiritual wake up call for being a mother brings extra protection within but...here lies the but...I didn't trust God first, in my dream I was more concerned with what my daughter was experiencing than to pay attention to what was at hand. God healing and why I was there.

Yes ~ as mothers we are protectors. How many of you can relate (before car seats were used) you had a small child sitting in the front seat of your car and you had to slam on the brakes quick? Your right arm flew out without evening thinking; protecting the child from going through the windshield. Now ~ even after the children are grown, you still find yourself (when slamming on the brakes) your right arm reaches out regardless of anyone sitting in the car with you :<) Instinct.

Its wonderful to have the instinct built in for it helps us react quickly in adversed situations but being a mother sometimes lets us forget we are children also. Gods' children. For us to remember we are Gods' children we have to give up the 'instinct' of being a mother first ~ which indeed is a must to spiritual grow with maturity.

Heavenly Father,thank You for reminding me that I am Your child (regardless of having children of my own) and to stay spiritually focused. In Jesus name I thank You.


writing Copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 11/17/01

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