~ God Is ~

God is a God with no limits; for He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Forever He is God, Lord master, and creator.

Glory be His name.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

God is ~ all spectrum of color.

God is ~ the sweet fragrance of spring.

God is ~ the sun that provides warmth.

God is ~ a summer evening with crickets and locusts in two part harmony.

God is ~ wings of flight, for no bird can soar without.

God is ~ the soft musical tweet of a humming bird.

God is ~ a brisk autumn day.

God is ~ the first snow flake on a winter day.

God is ~ all seasons packed full of their own delight.

God is ~ the first breath of a newborn baby.

God is ~ a phone call from a dear friend.

God is ~ a man and wife holding hands.

God is ~ a radiant smile given.

God is ~ love.

God is ~ angels for protection and comfort.

God is ~ spoken words of encouragement.

God is ~ supreme wisdom and knowledge.

God is ~ the everlasting spirit of truth.

God is ~ mercy, grace, with forgiveness.

God is ~ the greatest teacher of all times.

God is ~ patience with understanding.

God is ~ the only true healer.

God is ~ the Bible.

God IS ~ a living God.

poem and photograph copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2001

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