~Front Porch ~

The day is coming to a close. The sun is almost hidden behind the mountain as I open the front door that is one step away from where my glider is calling... come ~ sit, relax and enjoy.

I position the pillow just behind my back and gently lift my feet and place them on the stool kept there for just that purpose.

Ahhhh ~ perfect.

Sitting on the front porch is one way that I can escape the pain that surrounds and engulfs my very being. It's a quiet place to pray and meditate, a place I go often to recapture peace within.

As I sit here and begin to relax, I notice a blue bird enjoying his bath with great enthusiasm and not a care whatsoever.

A few moments later a humming bird zooms by my face and hovers while drinking his nightly feast..

The noises created by lawnmowers, weedwackers, and barking dogs have dwindled down; and the soft movement of wildlife now regains control of the outdoors.

Ahhhhhh ~ ~ ~ peace and quiet...

To my right, at the corner of the porch, there sits a chipmunk who stays on constant alert while eating the treasures he has found under the bird feeder.

A cardinal perches on last year's Christmas pine tree we always put out in the yard for the wild life to have cover from the winter snow storms.

The goldfinches are busy enjoying the thistle seed as the doves scurry to pick up those seeds that have drifted to the ground.

A short time later, a doe that always visits in the evening, enjoys a cool drink of water.

Tonight she acts really nervous. That is not like her; most often she just looks around while eating, but remains calm.

During this visit she eats a few bites, jerks her head around, and looks in the direction of the bushes at the edge of our property, then looks at me with an anxious expression. .

I watch her for several minutes, wondering what has caused her distress. Then a movement in the bushes catches my eye. A little brown head peeks up and the doe at the bird feeder takes off running towards the movement in the bushes

As the doe reaches the edge of the bushes, a baby fawn comes running out. It's her baby... no wonder she was so nervous.

Once the momma and her baby are united, they both turn and walk back into the yard. They stop about ten feet from where I sit and the fawn begins to nurse. My goodness ~ it brought tears to my eyes...

To be in the right spot at the exact moment this occured... is it by chance? No, it was meant to be and so blessed I felt.

Another day and I stand at the kitchen window; and lo and behold: the momma and her baby. Only this time, they have brought friends. Another momma has joined the feast with her twin fawns.

Such fun the fawns have chasing each other in the neighbor's yard.

I embrace the moment and I am in awe of the scenery I have been blessed in viewing each and every single day... I reflect, once again, to ten years ago when my late husband and I drove all over the country side to find the perfect spot to build a house. We looked at ever so many lots, but always came back to this one... it kept calling to us, as if saying...come build your house and all will be right with the world...

And you know, all is right with the world. Regardless of what I am feeling... pain, sadness, or disconnection, the front porch is my safe haven, for nature draws one closer to herself and to God.

Thank You Heavenly Father for all of Your creations ~

photograph and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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