~ A Fmily House I'll Build ~

When I win the lotto, don't laugh its true.

A house I will build for my dear Fmily friends.

A beautiful place in the country a must,

a quiet corner of the world, just wait you'll see!

A little piece of heaven will be its name,

A place like no other; it'll be one of a kind.

Lots of flowers and such and bird feeders too.

Our little haven, just wait you'll see!

The staff will be the best, I will except nothing less.

Total compassion and understanding is what you'll get.

No harsh words or quarrels, just love you'll receive

A little piece of heaven, just wait you'll see!

The meals will be served, you won't have to help.

So sit back and relax; won't that be great!

No cares will you have when you enter the house.

So many Fmily friends, just wait you'll see!

Come one, come all, the doors are open,

hurry up now, there's much to see.

A huge room upon entry, a "chat" room you see.

Lots of sharing we'll do, just wait you'll see.

Massage rooms galore, a music rooms a must.

Relaxations the key, so meditate we will.

Lots of candles and music to set your spirit free

Can you picture this? just wait you'll see!

Anything you can imagine to help ease the pain.

Will be at your finger tips, just ask and ye shall receive.

Hot tubs and sauna, a pool on the side,

Lots of fresh air and sunshine, just wait you'll see!

Eat when you want, the kitchens always open.

An old fashion ice cream parlor, imagine that!

It won't cost you a cent, the pleasures all mine.

What fun we will have, just wait you'll see!

Now plans I must make, so much to do.

Find the quiet spot just right for you.

My minds made up , that's what I'll do.

For when I win the lotto, I'll win it for you!

One truly does not have to win the lotto to "build a house" but we can use what house we have to pass on the blessings to others. Be it an apartment, a trailor, a small corner of the world that is your space ~ spread His love and welcome others in for all that we have does belong to God ~ we are just 'borrowing' it.

photograph and poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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