~Puppy Love ~

His name was Jerry and he was the cutest, kewlest kid in the second grade! He had the outfit ~ rolled up jeans, white t shirt, and a black leather bomber jacket. His hair was a little long and coal black.

He carried a black comb in his back pocket which seemed like it was always in motion. I think he had blue eyes, but never ever looked him in the face, only a quick glimpse when he wasn't looking for I was really shy.

At recess we would play ball. Dodge ball, softball, it didn't matter as long as we had a ball to kick or catch. The biggest kids always were the captains. Being a girl, one always got picked last until you could prove your stuff! Most often it only took a few games before the boys knew which girls could play, let alone know the rules.

Jerry was always one of the captains and before each recess I prayed that he would pick me for his team. I thought, "if he knew I could play well, then maybe, just maybe I would have a chance to be his girlfriend".

Once outside we lined up, Jerry's eyes looked over all the kids. Once he looked past me, twice....then he pointed to me and said, "YOU"!

Well, I almost stopped breathing. The day I had been waiting for was here. Now to play ball and prove I was worth picking.

Our team played the best game ever and we won.

After he walked up to me and said "Good game, you really can play for a girl" and~ ~~ "Do ya wanna, ah, well, ahh ~ ya wanna be my girlfriend"? I felt my face turn red, then I whispered "yes". He then grabbed my hand and we walked to the red metal doors of the school.

Right before we reached the steps of the school he stopped and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. For the second time, my face turned red. I looked around hoping no one saw, especially the teacher. WEW ~ no one saw.

Jerry and I had a great week playing ball, then after each game, we always held hands.

It was such a fun week but the following Monday , he had to go ruin it by asking to kiss me on my lips. I promptly punched him in the stomach and said NO! He grabbed his stomach and walked back into the classroom. The teacher asked him what was wrong, "He said, boy can that girl hit"!

Being that Jerry was kinda of a toughie, the teacher figured out that Jerry probably deserved it. So I was not punished.

Recess after that was still fun, even though Jerry never picked me again. But thats okay, I was still able to play ball for "that" was what I really loved the best.

writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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