~ Yes I will ~

Autumn; where there is an abundance of food from the apple orchards and corn fields within my territory. Where there is no urgency, for food awaits.

The summer crops are harvested and all I have to do is just wander through the fields and snack at my leasure for what the farmer left behind.

Stroll in your yard and help myself to the bird seed while partaking of a drink from their bird bath.

For this I truly thank you but I have a silent request that is most pressing and we really need to talk about; will you still feed me when its cold and the ground is totally covered with snow?

When my babies are not fully grown and seek out any little morsel they can find?

Will you help me when the ground is too froozen and (try as I may)I can not dig a hole through? Even though I can smell the food that lies underneath, my hoofs just can not penetrate the ice.

A constant concern from a mother, "will my babies have enough to eat through the cold, long hard winter".

Yes I will help you ~ for we all were created by one God to live in harmony the very best we can. To always help ones in need. Together ~ we will survive the storms.

From my window I'll watch as you scurry through in hopes of finding some leftover food. You know, you truly must; that in my yard there are no leftover foods for they are bought especially for you.

So, do bring your babies, your brothers and sisters for I'll have plenty for all.

I'll break the ice that covers the ground after each and every snow storm. A patch of bare space (with food galore) will I gently place your precious cracked corn.

I'll keep a heater in the bird bath too, for I know in the winter you thirst too.

Now from my window I watch , in front of the fireplace I stand, (for I have just completed one of my nightly chores)my face is cold, my hands somewhat numb a glimpse of a movement does catch my eye. On the light I switch and to my pleasant surprise a herd of deer far more than before.

A couple I expected, as in the past, but goodness me will you look how many!

Thank you Heavenly Father ~ for trusting them to me.

photo and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun2001

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