~ Tears of Faith ~

I Do Believe in God as The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, all "His" powers , in angels appointed to guard us and the beauty in the clouds for all to see; love for all and sharing yourself to others in caring ways.

One night while I was listening to the radio, my heart was breaking for each day just brings more tragic loss of life. I am overcome with tears ~ tears shed from a mothers point of view; tears from being a friend and tears of faith; for many tragedies do not have to be.

The same tears God shed for His son, tears of suffering, are all the same enhanced by faith which bring "sweeter" tears. A spiritual understanding that God is listening and does have tears of His own.~

When we reach out through "tears of faith", the heavens open up; like the parting of the Red Sea, tremendous magnetic pull from God takes place. We can actually feel the "spiritual" occurance.

We all need someone to care, to wipe away the tears, and tell us it will all be better.

That is what God does, but only if we accept.

No one knows all the whys. Why is there so much suffering, death and abuse? Not for us to know, but to accept through our faith.

With our Christian faith, God will walk and carry us through the good times and, most importantly, the bad times we have gone through, are going through, and will go continue to experience.

Only if we believe and accept His help will our journey and our cross to bear be lighter.

There is but one of each of us; we ARE unique ~connected to Him if we choose. To not accept all that He has created, all that He does, in limbo one will be and hanging onto what? A what that has no light at the end of a tunnel, (a light that never fully shines).

Weak of faith, or no faith; walking alone without Gods love and protection is very scary; BUT life can be better. What is "better"? God uplifting, holding, and enhancing our spirit within our very soul; the core of who we really are ~ instilling His plan, His words and His love for all His children.

Through all that we face , God will always work in His wonderful way... opening the doors, a path that we are to follow to reach that light at the end of the tunnel ~ Heaven.

The journey is long and tremendous pot holes we must endure to reach our final destination. Being spiritually connected and being totally focused on His light that always shines... IS the path I choose.

writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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