~ Emotions Thoughts and Fears ~

Many times am lost and scared.

Wishing for someone to care.

Family close by but so alone.

Emotions running rapid.

How did I get here so down and out.

Wanting to live can't even shout.

Exhausted mentally my soul so hurts.

Stressed; but calm.

No longer in a world I know.

Nothing feels safe not even home.

Work, home, sleep ~ its just a routine.

In quick sand again.

Have changed but no one sees.

Want some comfort just for me.

Understand where I am the mystery.

Lost in my thoughts alone.

God is here holding me strong.

Without him I would be gone.

Only He knows me accept he does.

My inner strength God.

A lost sheep I know I am.

Wandering around taking my stand.

When it is necessary a stand I'll take.

Licking my wounds I wait ~

Battles each day overwhelming at best

Am constantly being put to the test.

Strong I am but so fragile at times.

Can't give up just yet.

Close my eyes but sleep won't come.

Must write my words until I'm done.

Work it out close the doors.

Emotions thoughts and fears.

photograph and poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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