~Easter Memories ~

Easter was always a special time in our household.

As a child, not only did we receive extra days off from school, but we truly knew why we were allowed this time away from our studies.

The time spent in Sunday school, the prayers that were allowed in schools, a commitment from parents and teachers. A wonderful combination. Giving thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father.

Memories from my childhood ~ a shopping trip before Easter to find the "perfect" dress, hat, and shoes to match. My mother always hoping the boys' suits still fit, but most often they did not.

All four of us children in the store trying on clothes that my mother picked out. Mother would bring three dresses back for us to try on, then she always asked which one we liked the best.

A few days before Easter Sunday, we each were given one dozen eggs to color, designing our "own" creations.

Finally, the awaited day was here. Up early to find the hidden baskets that we just knew would be packed full of "goodies". We would sneak a few bites of chocolate before breakfast, then hurried to get dressed for church.

Before we left home, pictures were taken, for my mother knew the outfits would be all wrinkled after church. Even with the stiff starch used from the dress maker, somehow I always had more wrinkles than my sister. .

Home from church; changed from Sundays' best to play clothes, then off to my grandparents house.

Grandma always colored eggs for us to hide outside. Sometimes Easter was a sunny warm day, others cold and snowy. Regardless of ~ grandma always had the eggs hidden outside for us to find.

As a parent later on, the same traditions. Shopping for my children, coloring of eggs, then to grandma's house ~ my parents.

Now with my first grandchild here...the traditions will be passed onto the next generation.

Faith ~ the tight bond of family, the times spent together, no one can put a price tag on ~

Memories ~ precious moments that live forever in my heart.

New memories in the making ~ excited and ever so blessed I am.

writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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