~ My Mighty Eagle ~

O Lord, let me soar as the eagle, in flight with no stopping ~ gliding with all the grace given ~

Let my spirit go forth.

Release from whence I have come; the burdens that far exceed the limits that my earthly body can handle.

Soaring, as I seek, with daily preparation.

With eyes that see that which is given; imagines of forthtelling and before.

Time within , but the same.

Soar my mighty eagle, as I welcome you each time.

Glide over while resting upon, the spirit whom sent you.

Guarded with massive wings of strength, my soul crys out to.

"Lift me Lord, for I need You" as my body crumbles in pain from knowing.

With tears that won't stop, fall upon my hands I hold in prayer.

Lord , grab me, I am here. Please take my hand.

Lift me higher my Lord as the eagle soars ov'r head.

For I need that place of inner calm only You can supply.

Yes ~ let me soar as You embrace my spirit

One whom loves me like no other; knows all of me.

Upward my eyes gaze upon all the glory of You.

I am surrounded ~ I am within as You have created;

On eagles wings I am with You my Lord; protected.

All Your strength, wisdom with love is forever ~

Thank You O gracious Father for wings that glide in motion with subtle variation of ~

grace as given.

writing and photographs copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 11/16/01

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