~My Special Friend ~

No voice did I hear, no picture do I have.

My dear sweet friend has passed away.

Many struggles did she have, along with my own.

Together we shared our deepest thoughts.

A year it took, then opened up she did.

All that she went through, all of her pain.

Each email filled with sorrow, of what once was.

Dreamie my friend......my heart felt your pain.

You gave to so many, all that you could.

A safe zone you were, in a world full of hate.

Loved them you did, when no one else would.

Your gentle hugs...words from within.

A dear family you had, they loved you so.

You talked of grandchildren, how blessed you were.

Trip abroad, how taxing for you.

Thoughts you wrote I hold dear to my heart.

Now its goodbye, so final it sounds.

I have to let go, for this I know.

Our friendship was special, so blessed I was.

In my heart you'll stay forever more.

May God bless and keep you...til we meet again.

Dreamie my friend ~ I miss you so.

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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