~ It Must Be A Dream ~

The sun is rising , must take my walk.

Don't have my cane......it must be a dream.

One step then two, no pain do I have.

A little faster I go......it must be a dream.

Now I am running, round the corner I go.

So much energy I have......it must be a dream.

The birds are singing, the sun really hot.

Not ready to stop.....it must be a dream.

All day I run, now the sun has set.

Still have my energy.....it must be a dream

The evening is still, the birds have roosted.

It's so good to be alive.....it must be a dream.

Still running I am, watch the moon come up.

What a glorious sight.....it must be a dream.

Through the night I go, no fears have I.

Such an experience......it must be a dream.

No pain, no cares, my spirit is high.

A tad further I run......it must be a dream.

The sun's up again , that's twice I've seen.

Is this really so? ......it must be a dream.

One eye has opened, awake I am.

My eyes fill with tears...... it WAS just a dream.

So real it seemed, I could smell the earth.

Felt the warmth of the sun; what a wonderful dream.

Reality sets in, a bit sad I am ~

But I can still run ~ in my dreams.

photograph and poem copyrighted@Linda Calhoun/2000

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