~ Emotional Cycles ~

Have you ever thought about how our emotions are similar to a washing machine?

When we are exhausted and need a break; cleansing of our souls...(our low time ) we enter the wash node then we must stay there awhile to rethink and to regroup.

Round and round we go and most often in an agitated state of being...but towards the end of the "wash cycle"...our coming to terms with ...healing a bit....the cycle ends.

A few hours may go by, a day or for some maybe weeks; then we are forced into the rinse node. Now thinking to oneselve..."okay, I have already been through the "wash cycle"....thought I was okay"? But everyone knows the rinse cycle always follows the wash cycle.

Ahhhh you didn't know that???? But of course, our clothes/emotions are always washed THEN a rinse cycle must take place..

Having been through the "ringer", (agitated) its not over yet. Something comes along and dampens your spirits. Down you go with the weight of the water; drowning to the extent ya just can't swim fast enough to escape. You cry out, "Please won't someone throw me a life jacket! What happens when no one listens? You drown UNLESS you have your faith.

God is the opposite of a washing machine. He does not agitate and never gives you more than you can handle for He IS the dryer!

When the burdens are overwhelming and under you are, God lifts you up and gently puts you in the "fluff" cycle then administors ,to you, the "spiritual warmth".

He has the most loving hands and kindest of hearts .He is always there willing to hold and guide even when we do not ask.

Great patiences He has, watches us fall, stumble on our own until we ask. Then He picks us up, lifts our spirits... loves like no other. And all that He asked for inreturn is for us to pass "Him" onto others. His words. The way we are to live. The way we are to worship Him.

The goodness through Him we always have ~ Our faith.

Someone who is always there and cares, even when no one around us does. He is there every second of every min, every min of every hour, 24 hours day and night.

Who do you know can give that kind of love and understanding without ever tiring of us?

Who knows what we think before we speak? Our actions before we committ?

Who forgives when no others will?. A love so powerful , so very hard to imagine, unless.... you have felt it.

There is NO greater love than from God. When a person accepts and truly believes, He will carry you when you fall and will love you even when we don't feel worthy of His love. How grand is that to be assured constantly!

As I am writing this , the closeness of God is ever so present and will always be. Having that kind of closeness, I am never alone. I have let my self be overwhelmed. I did not ask for His guidance each and every day. I permitted my struggles to overwhelme which threw me in a very weak state of being. Its so simple to do, but so hard to ask for His help sometimes.

Questions I have struggled with; am I asking too much, am I not asking enough? Silly me. Of course I am not asking too much. I am not asking the right questions and not listening when He does guide me.

There are times I act before asking Him. Then fumble I do. When I listen, feel His presense.....I know through Him what I am to do. Relaxing of self, releasing of me THEN He guides.

A life time of learning ~ ~

When I don't wait for His guidance I can imagine God kicking back in his recliner to wait. Then bango...I get it.. Then I can almost feel God smiling down on me saying, "By jov' I think shes got it"!

Have ever felt Gods smile?. Its almost childlike, but knowing of all. The most unique , one of a kind smile I have ever felt. I also believe God has a wonderful sense of humor too.

His laughter starts with a soft chuckle. Full of love, unite of spark. Then blossoms into a belly laugh. Grandness of all laughter.

I can almost see HIm too setting at a table with his paperwork when trying to create man. God may be thinking outloud, "Now what should I equip man with?" Mmmmmm ~ ~ " Lets see... a body so strong he will be able to work many hours. A brain to assit when his hands have tired. Eyes that can talk without opening of mouth. A mouth to speak to pass on My words. Eve to share his life with and I will throw in the rest for good measure...but wait ...something is missing , now what could it be? " I know," He says after giving much thought, "a smile to reassure all of My love , the love of life. No...thats not quite right yet. Mmmmmmm ahhh! I got it...laughter!

Thats it, that completes man."

Something to release stress when overwhemed; something that you catch even when you try your hardness not to. Who can resist and not join in. No one!

Even when times are at there worst, a good hearty laugh so helps to release the "feel good" endorphines....Gods own pain medicine. No medicines to buy, no moneis spent...only to believe and have Faith.

A different way to look at it, but same result.

May God bless you and keep you safe in his loving hands from this day forward and forever more for they are His words, from my heart.

writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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