~ Colors ~ Changes~ and You ~

Spectacular beauty, color galore.

Lights up the skies... wishing for more.

A moment in time so blessed am I.

Capturing the warmth; the sky.

Think of the colors as you and I.

Many moods we are, as the sky.

Be sunny or bright, or dark and gloom

The many changes ~ inside

The orange colored sun, brightly it shines.

So powerful and calm at the same time.

Close your eyes and ponder the fact.

The sky within ~ you and I.

Slowly it descends from its great height.

Not wanting to end, it puts up a fight.

End of the day, our anxious self.

Hesitant in thought... tomorrow.

One last look, the sun and I.

Orange to purple right before my eyes.

Be bold and true for tomorrow awaits.

Colors ~ changes ~ and you.

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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