~ Chimes ~

All shapes they come in, many sounds they make.

Even with no breeze, the echo lingers on.

High pitch, low pitch, sweetly combined.

Such a soothing sound, musical chimes.

Winds of centuries, daily they come.

Notes of peace, and of sorrow too.

Where were you, when you first knew.

How very special, musical chimes.

On a front porch, young of age.

Listening to grandpa, tell his tales.

Late of eve, sun slowing setting.

Distant sound, musical chimes.

Laughter surrounded you, life was good.

Time wasn’t important, it just was.

Thinking of fireflies, how to catch.

The glow of twilight, musical chimes.

Violent of storms, loudly confused.

Notes ran together, a bit scary it was.

Passing of storm, then calm again.

Twinkle de de, musical chimes.

Memories that surface, just from sounds.

Lightly played, no special rhythm.

Forces of nature, tells it all.

Only who listen to musical chimes.

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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