~ Through my Lord, victory ~

O Lord my God, in earthly lonliness my spirit reached for my friend Jesus who understands the sorrow that tried to consume while mask of darkened cloud slithered with intensity of ill attempts.

You did see the arrows bouncing that were aimed with rapid fire from directions known but not seen. You did see my movement that which I did not. Steadfast and firm surrounded totally by your shield of armour, protected with Your authority; in wait as my spirit knew none would enter, I rejoiced! Filled with human emotions, my flesh cried out defending , "regardless of how many arrows you shoot, I am protected by the blood of Christ, satan you are wasting your time".

In error of thinking satan , you increased the battle; more arrows but bounced they did, for you only took me closer to my God. Regardless of any attempts today or any day, no one will ever turn me away from my loving God!

The pain I welcome, regardless of human emotions that outwardly did flow in quiet tears, my spirit rejoiced .

Relief, healing and knowing with absolute conviction my friend Jesus understood, loves me and will not ever forsake me for His blood IS my protection forever and ever.

I sought, my Lord fought and will always win. Glory be to my God whom protects all His children.

The victory will always be Yours my Lord, Hallelujah!

photograph and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2001

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