Leaves as they are ~ Autumn.

The leaves speak of hush as they filter to the ground.

Knowing of the time of year brings them closer to next year.

The brilliance of color so speaks for itself, as each one definitely has its own personality.

Red for boldness and yellow for shy; green for not quite ready and orange always second.

Covering the ground as the wind strongly blows, brings a delightful show of color as they flow.

East or west, north or south, the location is not important tis the likeness that covers the coast.

We wait each year as we look outside; which will be the week that the leaves will reach their peak.

Will it be slow, as in one tree at a time?

Or will it be fast with one beautiful blast.

Regardless of, for we really don't care, 'cause the beauty is and will always be there.

Thank You Lord for the beauty of autumn ~


A special thank you to my friend John for letting me use his photograph.

photograph copyrighted @John Staples 11/07/04

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 11/10/04

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