The below poem is but one of the poems on my dear friend Judies web site.

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Please read her writings, and support the cause.

Nationalitees (Poems from The Heart)


The Dragon Within

His breath, it sears my body

His claws, they rip and tear

The pain oft times is endless

His roar, just I can hear

He gives me days of freedom

Though totally not there

I feel he waits while lurking

He knows my inner fear

I did not ask his presence

To manifest in me

I did not give him entry

What power set him free?

I struggle just to function

Many tasks are left undone

I pray a new tomorrow

When I can roar, "I've won!"

The changes that have taken place

The life I knew is gone

I improvise the best I can

It's now more brains than brawn

Upon my bed, I muster

A prayer before I sleep

"Please Lord, please take this dragon

and send him far and deep"

Give me strength tomorrow

So he no longer wins

Release me from the Dragon

The one who lives within

Poems From the Heart

For those who suffer with FMS

Written by:


Director, NationaliTees Co., Inc.


As I Was Lead

Late one night dear friend of mine, my fingers typed your web site addie and read your wonderful poems again.

These words below were given to me because God loves you so.

The words of wisdom below are from our Heavenly Father as he spoke to my spirit to pass onto you.

Glory to our Father whose wisdom is, was, and will always be right on time.


Its late you see, but your site I had to read and to relate of what I have within.

The dragon thinks he's won ( but never will I give in ) for the Lord has made His promises that the victory has already been won.

I give the challenge to Him, and lay it at the cross, for my body will never win, but my Father always does.

"Ask of me and I shall do with hands of healing I shall place upon you"; saith the LORD to me.

Seek my face as our spirits are one, for I am in You and you are in me.

Knock at my door for it's always open and I shall greet you with all the love I have".

Believe within your heart and it shall be so; as Gods' will is, therefore His promises are.

Do not leave any cracks (for the enemy will slither in) so fight him with the power from our Fathers' words and back to the pit he'll go.

Always remember "if one has the faith of a mustard seed and believes within their hearts, they CAN move mountains".

Move them mountains with the boldness that God has given you and all will be well as He has already spoke of.

See, the battle is not yours, do not take it upon yourself.

Let the Lord handle everything within your life and your life will be blessed beyond anything you can imagine.

The cross we have been given;

Jesus has already carried.

photographs and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 6/16/04

Thank you Father, in Jesus name, for the words with promises already spoken. AMEN


All the glory to our LORD OF All LORDS, King of all Kings, Master Of The Universe, and The Great I Am.

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