~ Another Step ~

Most of my life a mother I've been.

An instinct so strong, so amazing it is.

From time of conception God's special gift.

The bond that He gave between mother and child.

Where did the years go, so quickly they passed.

A very short span in my arms they were.

Before I knew it off to school they went.

Wishing just once that time would stand still.

Watching each day lots of TLC I gave.

Experience life they did; close by I was.

"You can do just one more try".

Constant reassurance my daily job.

Many things I taught them and quickly they learned.

The simple things in life most important to me.

They soon caught on and loads of fun we had.

Echos of small voices still ring in my ears.

So proud I was; so proud I am.

My l'tle babies now adults they are.

Memories of such wonderful times.

One of my fondest, "Mommy look at me!"

Some quidance their need with love I shall give.

But both have what's needed to start on their own.

A big step for all and my composure I must keep.

For an empty nest I'm facing just breaks my heart.

A mom I've been and will always be.

But its not the same, a big change for me.

My job's complete and a void I feel.

I honestly didn't think it would be this hard.

Many tears I've shed and more to come I'm sure.

To fill the void, my heart wants more.

The door I shall close, adjust I must.

My friends say I will...I'll let ya know.

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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