Americana Crafts

Hand-crafted by military spouses and family members

This business has been started by my daughter who is a military wife, plans to incoorperate other wives once the business takes off and I believe with all my heart, for God does watch over the military and their spouses as our prayers reach heights that only God can hear.

I ask that you look around her site and remember our men and woman in the service who need the support with prayers, togetherness while their spouses are away plus some extra monies to help with unexpected costs.

In Jesus name I thank You and bless each and every single one of you who take the time to go 'take a look see' at what beauitiful designs she has and is open to suggestions plus is very creatived in personlizing.

My dearest daughter I love you with all my heart, and yes your momma is very proud of you.

Bless her site O Lord this I claim with all authority given by Jesus. She has built her sight now let the people see and bless saith the LORD. AMEN

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adorable fabric magnets make great gifts for family, friends...or for yourself! Perfect for any holiday or special occasion!

Our magnets are created with fabric and a flexible, yet strong, magnetic backing. Many have a layered effect and other accents that really make the magnets come alive!

We have a variety of magnets that come in many different fabric designs.

We have patriotic picture frames, country cats, crosses and much more!

Birth Announcements

Wedding Favors

Design Your Own Magnet

Plain Magnet Shapes

Plain magnets you can decorate yourself! Pick from four different magnet shapes. Decorate with fabric or paper and add buttons, bows, beads ~ use your creativity!

Thank you in advance for visiting her site, God bless each and every single one of you as I ask 10 fold blessings back to you.

Americana Crafts

7.The Beauty of God's Paintings

Home Page

This page I dedicate to the hard work of Kellys' dedication to the military support system, her proud 'Momma' Linda Elaine Calhoun 1/26/03

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