~Start to Finish ~

~ Months of planning were quick but not.

Anxious moments and scary thoughts.

First movement then excitement builds.

How long til then?

Always wanted and loved before sight.

Images of... in constant awe.

Who you are and what you'll become.

When will you arrive?

Closeness of bond; immediate.

No work will it be, it just is.

From centuries on down and passed between

Can you feel it now?

Tightness of chamber and out you want.

But time stands still and we wait.

To touch ~ embrace the smell of ~

Babys' breathe upon our face.

Thank you Heavenly Father for another of Your miracles....Emma ~

We will love, cherish, and daily teach her the way to live...with faith.

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun2000

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