Are you aware of God's presence?

Can you feel His love?

Does His warmth of spirit take your breathe away?

Do you have a yearning as if something is missing?

The brightness of just wanting to surface?

Ask and you shall have, seek and you will find

its tucked inside just waiting for you.

For we all were given from time of birth.

The gift ~ the Holy Spirit.

His way to live; the bible guides.

Its only hard if you choose not to

for His guiding light is never dim.

Abundance of strength, just ask;

In prayer we are to humble.

In prayer we are to praise.

In prayer we seek His wisdom

In prayer we seek His peace.

He has not forsaken you, you have negelected Him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you feel as if life is passing you by? Do you long for what is missing? Do you struggle each and every single day asking yourself, "is this all there is'? Do you fall asleep with a yearning that you can not put your finger on? Do you want fulfilled in everything you do? Do you ?

With God, there is no emptiness. With God in your life He fulfills all that you need. With God there is constant love and guidance. With God no one is ever alone..

To accept and be 'whole' again is so easy to do; just invite Jesus into your life and receive what all were given at birth.

A life that we are to serve Him; a life where nothing is impossible; a life where there is no end for Heaven awaits all who believe.

How precious is that; eternal life where there is no death, pain or sorrow; only rejoicing, singing, loving and learning with our Heavenly Father.

Is this what you desire? Is this what is missing? Do you want unconditional love and guidance?

If so, I urge you today; right now , accept Jesus as your savior..

Words you can say in prayer:

" Precious Lord, please forgive me of all my sins, I believe in my heart Jesus died for all of my sins , rose on the third day, and lives within me as the Holy Spirit and only through You are my sins forgiven. I give my life totally to you; please fill the void that only You can do. I open my heart to You; enter and make me whole again. I will accept and be humbled by the life in which You gave me. Guide me precious Lord in every aspect of my life so that I may one day dwell in the house of the Lord forever. In Jesus I live and through Him the kingdom of God awaits. ~


photo and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun2000

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