Open up the web site below and spiritually absorb the words, then read what God spoke to me while I was listening to the song. Praise His Holy name.


Listen to the music as Jesus' spirit

surrounds you with His love.

Inhale the essence of His love.

Open up your spiritual eyes and see Jesus

for He is right there beside you

lovingly embracing your very being.

Listen, visualize as you embrace.

As you listen, pray for others,

for this song is so powerful saith the LORD.

Let His blessings pour over you as warm honey

from the crown of your head to the souls of your


O Jesus, we love You., as Your anointing is always so powerful.

My hands shake with glory as Your love is filling the room.

I see You clothed in a white rob with an

angelic smile of comfort on Your face.

'Seek me', He says, and I shall be right there.

Do not hesitate for the time draws near

when we shall be together'.

Look up to the eastern skies where our

beloved Jesus will be announced

with the sound of a great trumpet.

Do not let this minute pass when you

can become closer to Him.

As it has been written and record

from our Heavenly Father,

'I knew you before you were in your mothers' womb'.

Think about it ~ He loves us so much He gave

His only begotten Son for us!

All the glory to our Heavenly Father;

King of all Kings, Master of the Universe,

our friend (our Abba) the one we live for.

Thank You my LORD as Your words come quickly as I

write Your message.

'Seek Me My children'...Seek Me saith the LORD.

As guided , I wrote.

All the glory to God

photograph and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 09/04/05

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