Peaceful Poems
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Peaceful Poems

On this page I'll display poems, those I've found on the web (such as, and poems submitted by you happy people :)
They have the names or places from which I've found them displayed at the end, so you know who the authors are. Enjoy!
If you'd like to have you're poem displayed on this page simply send it to me at and I'll be happy to add it to the page.


He lives in the land of light,
And drifts from place to place.
Tracing the steps, well worn,
Across the Earth's surface.
His burning white rays sear the Earth,
And his heat sucks the land dry.
In a desperate attempt to get water
To someday manage to cry.
Can you imagin the frustration,
Of never being able to show how you feel?
To wear a happy shining mask
Over the pain that time can't heal.

She lives in the land of dark,
Slowly orbitting the night.
Through teary eyes she smiles down,
Shinning her pale light.
Slinking around in the shadows,
Then gradually peeking out.
The light that shines so bright within,
Desperate to shine without.
Pain courses through her heart
With a longing so intense.
She waits for her sun to rise,
Impatient with suspense.

The sky lightens when he arrives
Desperate to catch a glimpse,
Of the maiden he holds so dear,
And she of her sweet prince.
They long to shout endearments,
To joyfully announce their love.
But the momment is all they have,
And the sun rises above.

The moon has set and he has risen,
Forever shall this be.
Never touching... or speaking.
But loving for eternity....

By: Faline Flamme
Date: 25th of September 2000



Pretty girl,
Smoot complexion,
Glossy lips,
Eyelids lined,
As if you were born that polished.
What care she must have taken.
Does fear penetrate her mask?
Does she delight to scrub it off in privacy?
Does she sometime forget who she is,
And gasp when she spies
That unfamillier, pale reflection?
Her mask is so lovely.
What time she must have spent.
Does it ever become a chore?
Perhaps it is just fun,
Or, i wonder sometimes.
Is her heart as heavy as her makeup?


Hands of a Child

Hi? Help me? I was or i'm going over the edge? Hold me never let me go?
You touch never felt so good,
You look at me so soft,
You talk to me like I'm sane,
Your my sanity,
I'm almost over,
please if you can?? hold me,
then let me go and let men drop into
a deep sense of what is me?
Can you find me?
Feel my lost soul trying to find it's place?,
Find me yet? Can You hear me?
Yelling, screaming, cursing,
but for what? To lose my voice?
Tell me if you find me, I would like to know who am I too?
- Susan San Augustin


To My Life

When our eyes met my soul was completed,
When you smiled, it opened up a closed door to my heart,
When you said 'hello', my happiness light up a dark corner of my life where I thought it couldn't have been touched by another,
but can you see what's in my heart or in my eyes?
Can you see my soul? Look into my eyes? What do you see? How about me?
Look for me, find my happy place, see me? Find me;
complete the light in my soul as you did when our eyes met.
- Susan San Augustin


Having viewed the moon
I say farewell to this world
With heartfelt blessing



Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery.
Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present!
Live and savor every moment...
This is not a dress rehearsal!



Why do I fall for him
Every time he walks by
Why is it that every time he speaks to me
I wonder why
Why is it that I'm not with him
What does he see in her
That makes us seem so distant
How are the feelings there
But they're not
I just don't get it
And it's not because he's hot
It's because when he smiles
I feel like I could die
And when I see his eyes shimmer
They remind me of the stars in the sky
The stars that shine so brightly
When I make a wish
The stars that glimmer so gracefully
When I dream of his kiss
These stars that are forever glowing
In the pale moonlight
I know that I won't ever know
How these feelings fall into place
But every time I think of him
I feel like I'm in space
Like I'm in my own little world
Where no one else can be
A place where I can dream
Of things no one else can see
Of feelings that are there
But only exist inside of me
A world where I can think
And dream and wish freely
And in these dreams,
Music filled the air
No one else existed
No one else was there
And even if there were
Any other people there
It wouldn't seem to matter
We wouldn't seem to care
All we would do as we stood there
Was smile at each other
Just gazing in each others eyes
As we began to fall in love
It was almost as if it were the heaven above
Every night I closed my eyes
These dreams would fill my head
These mystical dreams only appear
At night while I'm in bed
These dreams of him and me
Together at last
But when I opened my eyes
These dreams faded so fast
I guess I always knew the truth
That this was all a dream
But I also knew I often wished
That everything was as it seemed
That everything would go my way
That all these dreams would come true
But I knew that these were only dreams
Thoughts put in my point of view
That's all they ever were
That's all they ever would be
Secrets, dreams, that I hoped
Would someday become reality...
By: Denise



There is not a moment that goes by
That I do not think of you
And it just picks me up and makes me fly
Do you know what you do
For me and how you erase my fear
And you say everything I like to hear
When you speak to me
My soul begins to rise
And you make me feel like I'm the best I can be
And how you make my good side shine
You brought me back from hell
Do you remember that time I fell
I remember when I could see you smile every day
Oh how you made me feel in such a wonderful way
And after we kiss
Not 5 seconds go by and that kiss I miss
But no matter how far
Or where you go from me
You still are
I think the one to be
And I will be in love with you forever
And give you up I will never
-Mike Klinegardner

"The kiss's effect"
*He kisses her on her hand...signifying by divine passion that she is pure of spirit and good of heart.*
*He kisses her on her cheek to raise her spirits into the heavens.*
*He kisses her on her lips...symbolizing the love god sent with her and I on our journey to earth.
*He looks into her eyes...stares to her soul...seeing its divine beauty and energy...its explosive nature...clean as morning air...yet bright as a thousand suns."
*He adds a kiss to brand the love into her a wandering thought...set into wild night by the first love seen by her weary eyes."


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