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Paranormal Happenings

(Last Update: 3/5/00)

The response I've gotten on this page is amazing! I love hearing from all of you! It's made me want to expand. Hopefully I'll be able to make some real improvements.

We've got some stories now!

Hello Friends!

Have you had a paranormal experience? That is, have you seen, felt, or heard, something that you believe to be a Spirit, or connection to the Spirit world? Have you had a dream that has come true? Have you gotten a very strong "vibe" from someone or something that frightened you?

If your answers to any of those questions are yes, then I'd like to hear about it. I know how it feels to have such experiences, and be dismissed as having an over-active imagination, or as being crazy. Some may even call you a liar. The purpose of this page is to give people a place to discuss their experiences without fear of being ridiculed.

I'm just starting out right now, but as soon as people start submitting stories, and joining the mailing list things should pick up. For information, or to submit your own experience, please email me.

Join the Paranormal Happenings mailing list at ONElist.

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