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Picture courtesy of Sandra Grindle

Otter Creek High School, located on Park Avenue in North Terre Haute, across from the Otter Creek, opened in 1917 as a 12 year school, with the first graduating class of 3 students in 1918-1919. The faculty then consisted of four teachers.

The pictured building above included all 12 grades and cost $50,000 to build, with grades 1-6 meeting on the first floor and grades 7 through 12 meeting on the 2nd floor, with home economics and the cafeteria being in the basement.

In 1928, a second building was added, containing high school classrooms, a library, study hall, Gymnasium / locker rooms, bleachers, and a stage. The Tramway to connect the 2 buildings was added later in 1948 or 1949.

The first athletic team organized was track, and first competed in 1923, with basketball following in 1924.

Our school colors are purple and gold, and our school song is sang to tune of "On Wisconsin".

NOTICE: The all school reunion is coming up in the summer of 2005. Keep in touch for all the latest details and updates.

The Class of 1962 - "The Unluckiest Class" - speech goes here, you know, the one where consolidation threw all of us helpless little tykes out in the street. A link is provided near the bottom of this page in reference to the 1961 school consolidations.

Are you, or should you be, listed below as a member of the class of 1962? Send an email via the link at the bottom of this page, and let us know that you've found our webpage, and tell us what's transpiring in your life. We'd love to hear from you.


Allen, Dorothy, (Manuel), Terre Haute, IN.

Ammerman, Tommy, deceased - Jan 31,1984

Arnold, Larry, Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000)

Ausherman, Dorothea, Rosedale, IN., (R-2000) I have four children and 10 grand children and 2 great grandchildren. I am semi retired. It was nice to see everyone at the reunion and have heard from some others since. Send Dottie an Email

Barnes, Madonna (Hatfield), Newburgh, IN., (R-2000)

Baxter, Don Bill, Clinton, IN.

Blank, Terry, Shell Rock, IA., (R-2000)

Booker, Jimmy, Vietnam Vet., (R-2000) lives in rural Terre Haute, IN. and has worked at Ampacet for 26 years, makes color concentrates for plastics, is a model railroader and is currently working on an 12 by 25 foot H.O gauge, D.C.C. layout..

Bouillez, Judy (Maxwell), Terre Haute, IN.

Brandon, Sandra (Grindle), Lyford, IN., (R-2000) , married, 2 sons -Brandon and Seth, one granddaughter Mikayla age 7. Mick works at Applied Extrusion Technology (plastics) in Terre Haute and Sandy teaches 7th grade geography at Honey Creek Middle School Send Sandy an Email

Bridgewater, Meda (Sullivan), Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000)

Byers, Tommy, Terre Haute, IN.

Campbell, Ruth (Owens), Terre Haute, IN.

Chester, Linda (Bland), Muncie, IN.

Creasey, Elaine ?????????

Cundiff, SaVerne (Geisert), Terre Haute, IN.

Edwards, Malinda (Kosarko), Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000)

Flak, Carolyn (Wade), Terre Haute, IN.

Funkhouser, Linda (Mitchell), Indianapolis, IN., (R-2000) , My only child--Matt--age 21--graduated in physics from Rollins College in Florida last week and we had to say good-bye to him as he is off to Europe to trek for the summer, work 6 months in Great Britain, and then trek some more. Of course, I cried alot, but was proud of him. I remarried recently, and since my new husband insisted I live with him, I left Madison, IN where I had taught elementary school for 25 years, and moved to Indianapolis. My husband's name is Dan Powell, and he has two children --Heather, who graduated from Evansville University last year, and Nic, who graduated from Purdue this year. I still go by Linda Mitchell however. I am currently subbing and working part-time as an office assistant. Otherwise, I play tennis and water ski every chance I get. Dan is trying to turn me into a golfer and this year we are hiking a part of the Appalachian Trail. We still love the Madison, Indiana area. Send Linda an Email

Gallion, John, Terre Haute, IN.

Geisert, Charlene (Foxworthy), Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000)

Gregory, Jacqui, (Stanley) Clinton, IN., (R-2000), I guess my company is the biggest thing going right now. I "eat, sleep and drink" J.T. Enterprises. Sure hope it pays off! Hope we all are able to make the next reunion. Thank you all for sharing 12 years or your life with me. I feel lucky to have known everyone in our class. My greating blessing in my life has been my beautiful 13 grandchildren given to me by my children Richard age 36, James Robert age 31 and Traci Lynn age 29. They are Richard (Rick) age 16 , Kelli age 13, William (Billy) age 11, Daniel (Dan the Man) age 9, Dallas(born in Texas) age 9, Brooke age 8, Kalynn (the Princess) age 8, Brett Austin(born in Texas) age 8, Lyndsie age 5, Alejandro age 5, Jason age 4, Hunter James age 2, Michelle (pronounced Mechelle) age 18 months.The Stanley name will be around for some time. Six of the boys are Stanleys. There are rumors rumbling around that my son Jim's wife is expecting another one but we don't know for sure yet.Sure is hard keeping up with birthdays.But I love every minute of it. Send Jacqui an Email

Grindle, Michael, Lyford, IN., (R-2000) , married, 2 sons -Brandon and Seth, one granddaughter Mikayla age 7. Mick works at Applied Extrusion Technology (plastics) in Terre Haute and Sandy teaches 7th grade geography at Honey Creek Middle School. Send Mick an Email

Grindle, Ronald, Terre Haute, IN.

Grindle, Terry, Rosedale, IN.,Send Terry an Email

Herman, Nancy (Hughes) ?????????

Hill, Jim ?????????

Houpt, Judy, Brazil, IN., (R-2000), Send Judy an Email

Jones, Keith ?????????

Kaperak, John, deceased - July 2000

Kellett, Bill, deceased (prior 1976)

Kneisley, Margie (Sullivan), Terre Haute, IN.

Keelen, Gene, ?????? Carlisle, IN. ???????

Knopp, Grace (Smith), Terre Haute, IN.,(R-2000)

Lankford, Jerry, Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000)

LaRoche, Fred, Terre Haute, IN.,(R-2000)

Leslie, Darrell, Valley Station, KY.

Lewzader, Donald, Brazil, IN.

Lore, Dennis, Terre Haute, IN., Send Denny an Email

Lumsdon, Judith ?????????

Maffioli, Donald, N. Terre Haute, IN.

Mann, Phillip, Vietnam Vet., Navy Medic, ??????????

Maxwell, Linda, (Akers), Terre Haute, IN.

McCarthy, Colonel Daniel C., Calhoun, GA., (R-2000), married, three children - Daniel Patrick, David Michael, & Maureen Elizabeth. 5 grandchildren - Daniel Garrett, Andrew Justin, Sean Devon, Anne Elise & Chloe' Marie. Dan is in Sales / Design at North Georgia Truss, Cartersville, GA.; Hobby: Genealogy, U.S. Navy 1963-1965, Dan was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel in 2003 by the Gov. of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Home phone # 706-625-3263, Send Dan an Email

Merritt, June (Harris), Lamar, IN.

Morge, Sharon (White), deceased; January 30, 2002

Neese, Carolyn, deceased 1995+

Orndoff, Linda (Powers), Terre Haute, IN.

Owen, Peggy (Pidcock), Bradenton, FL., (R-2000) Married to Lewis M. Pidcock. Three children: Heather, Jacquelyn, and Terri Jo. Four grandchildren: Tiffany (10), Nicole (8), Casey (19 months), and Calvin (2 weeks-today). Living in Florida since 1971. Not retired, unfortunately!!, Send Peggy an Email

Perkins, Louise (Grindle), Rosedale, IN., (R-2000) Send Louise an Email

Pittman, Carol (Gurchiek), 621 Cramertown Loop Martinsville, In 46151 Husband Bob (Dentist for 28 years and I (Dental Assistant for 18 years) have retired as of March 5, 2004. We love being retired it is great. I am learning to play golf. We have bought a place in Florida to spend the winter and enjoy more golf (The Villages). We have 4 children between us, and 7 grandchildren, ages 3 to 20 years. We are looking forward to doing things we have never had time to do before. Looking forward to the next reunion. (R-2000) Send Carol an Email

Price, Janice (Hanrahan),Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000)

Price, Lela (Swalls), Port Charlotte, FL.,(R-2000) I have 4 children, and 3 grandsons. I got my BS degree in Vocational Home Ec. from ISU, taught 5 years and now am an administrator at a large church. I enjoy tennis, bowling, and boating. This is the first time in 32 years that I don't have a child in public school. I love Florida in the winter, and Marshall, IL for 2 wks in the summer. Send Lela an Email

Riggs, Frank, Fort Wayne, IN., (R-2000) , Send Frank an Email

Rose, Nelda (Rowe), Brazil, IN., I have 3 children, Cary, Wendy and Lori. Cary lives in Fort Wayne, Wendy lives in Tampa, Florida and Lori lives in Terre Haute with her husband Garlan Manuel and their two year and my newest grandson, Gage. I have four other grandchildren, Derrick-20, Whitney-18, Samantha-16 and Andrew-13. I still am manager at Stewart's gas station in North Terre Haute where I have been for fourteen years. Stop in and see me sometime. Of course, introduce yourself because let's face it we do not look the same as we did. Send Nelda an Email

Sandquenetti, Sharon (Foltz), Clinton, IN.

Sartain, Larry, deceased ca. 1990.

Schell, Barbara (Birchler), El Paso, TX., I'm married and have been living in El Paso, TX for the past ten years. We have no children, just a dog. I have been teaching for twenty-eight years. The majority of those years have been in Special Education. The last three years I have been teaching fourth grade. Thanks for the work you have done on the web page. It is nice to get news of other classmates.Send Barbara an Email

Schomer, Barbara (Archer), Terre Haute, IN., Married to Larry (Buck) Archer (60) who works at Alcan. They have 2 girls, 2 and 3/4 grandsons which is different than having daughters. Barbara teaches first grade (24 years) at Lost Creek Elementary

Shaw, Peggy (Verhonik), Indianapolis, IN., I was very disappointed to miss this years reunion. I am married to Bill Verhonik, we have 7 children and 11 grandchildren.(He had 5 and I have 2 children). Since I grew up in Shaw Equipment Co. it should come as no surprise to anyone that I have had my own steel construction company for the last 18 yrs. We put in a lot of hours, but enjoy it most of the time. When we can get away, we love Vegas, and going to races. Bill loves Nascar, I still love drag races. I spend the whole Labor Day weekend at IRP with my kids and grandkids. My biggest feat each year is hosting our annual "Mushroom Party" the night before Mother's Day. This year we had over 450 people and fried 125 lbs of morel mushrooms. Really fun. I would love to hear from all of you, we live on the west side of Indianapolis, close to Plainfield, phone is 317-839-5200, cellular - 625-3823, e-mail is If any of you were wondering about my first husband, Willard "Duke" Fouts, he is in Indpls now, and we are friends with he and his wife Libby. Our daughter Lori, turned 38 in February, she is beautiful, funny, and way too old to be our daughter. This makes me feel like a kid again. Take care, Peggy Shaw Verhonik. Send Peggy an Email

Shirley, Sandy (Hunter), Terre Haute, IN.

Schockley, Barbara, (Landini), Terre Haute, IN.

Shores, Glenn, Clearwater, FL.

Smith, Jerry, Crawfordsville, IN., Sorry we won't be able to make the reunion once again. Some of us "oldtimers" still have to work. We will be in St. Jo, MI. doing an art fair. Our weekends are really limited in the summer. If you want an update on Jerry and what he's up to you can check out his web page We are going to Maine in June and trying our luck on a Windjammer. In July we are going to Florida with our son Mark and his family (3 active grandkids ages 6, 8, and 10). Suellen is on a special project in Boston for 5 months so we are going to stop in and see her on our way back from Maine. I'm training teachers on technology applications in the classroom the first two weeks in June. Sorry we can't be with everyone. - Cindy Send Jerry an Email

Stableton, Rita (Weeks), Lincoln, NE., Sorry that we missed the reunion this year. If you are passing through Nebraska, please call and stop by. Look forward to email! Send Rita an Email

Stewart, Stanley, Ypsilanti, MI., (R-2000) , Send Stan an Email

Stringer, Bobby, Terre Haute, IN.,(R-2000)

Stultz, Arthur, N. Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000), Send Pudge an Email

Sturm, Rita (Spittler), Terre Haute, IN.

Stutler, Carole (Delph), Clinton, IN.,(R-2000)

Sumansky, Donald, Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000), I retired 12/31/99 from Columbia House after 36 years in the systems and programming field . I'm now playing a lot and will probably pursue other avenues in a short time - there is a high demand for computer folks as you well know. Send Don an Email

Trinajstick, Nick, deceased, Denver, CO. 2001

Thornberry, David - ????? Keenesburg, CO. ???????

Trout, Tony, Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000)

Tyler, Diane (Bullard), Terre Haute, IN.

Voll, Carolyn Sue (Merritt), Terre Haute, IN., (R-2000)

Wade, Jill (Lebowitz), Gainesville, FL.

Walker, Bob, Ashland, OR., (R-2000)

Whitesides, Dallie (Smith), St. Louis, MO. (R-2000)

Whitesides, Earl, Indianapolis, IN., (R-2000) , After high school I attended Indiana State University for two and a half years and then enlisted in the United States Army. My Associate Degree is from El Paso Texas. I served in the Army for over twenty-six years and retired in 1993. During my last three years in the military I had the opportunity to experience being a single parent which was one of the reason I decided to retire after twenty-six years instead of serving thirty. I currently work for Defense finance and Accounting services. I control the access to the Army Pay System World Wide. I enjoy working in the church. I am one of the original seven members who signed the charter for organizing our church. I am the chairman of the Deacons; Youth Director; and church organist. I mentor to a boy (now eleven years old) from the Lutherwoods Child and Family Services. The special joys of my life are Rachael (age 11) and Robert (age 6). I think they are keeping me young.(smile) They come up with something new every day. I will save some mystery and fill in the gaps at the Class Reunion to anyone interested.

I want to give a very special thanks to Sandra Grindle for her persistence in locating me and including me in this 38th reunion. I don't think I have seen anyone from Otter Creek since 1994, but I would welcome a visit from anyone listed in the OCHS Web page. So if you are in Indianapolis or just need or want to get away for a few days...(317) 823-1022 Send Earl an Email

Winders, Joan (Eldridge), Terre Haute, IN.

Zook, Randy ????????? (what's his middle initial? there's a Randy J. Zook in Atlanta ?????

Notice to the Class of 1962. I have taken the liberties of posting online what I have managed to gather in various conversations and/or from personal knowledge. We will gladly post any additional information that you desire. We will not list your address, phone number, email address, etc. without hearing from you.

Your classmates with all the ??????? question marks following their names are the ones we've lost track off. Do you know where they are? Give us some help. Who seen them where? last? Worse than that, have we overlooked anyone?

An update shows (R-2000) after many names which is to identify the classmates who participated, in one event or the other, in the reunion of July 08, 2000.

If the math is close, we have listed 82 of our class-mates, however four have left us early leaving 78 of which all but 11 have been found. That's 86% of us that have been chased and traced which is pretty dang good. (Thanks Sandy) Of the 68 of us, we know of 19, so far, that are online, which is 28% which is 70% of the national average, and that number is too low for a class that is way above average.


We started this day with an open house on Saturday morning from 9:00 AM - 12 Noon in the Otter Creek High School Gymnasium on Park Avenue, in North Terre Haute, IN. This was an awesome event with "Otters" all over the Gym floor.

A dinner was held later Saturday evening at Hulman Center, Indiana State University Campus, with 525 attendees.

The retired faculty of Otter Creek High School was our honored guests for the evening dinner.

That night we all went to Mick & Sandy's home in Lyford where old acquaintances continued to be renewed until after 2:00 AM Sunday morning. At this event we recognized Mick and Sandy for making all this possible. Bob Walker was noted as the one who came the furthest to be with us (Oregon), and our Jackie Gregory for the most grandchildren - 13.

Attention all webmasters / class spokespersons (Classes of 1961 and before). Do you have a website or an email that you'd like for us to post on this site? Let us know, for we're only using 1% of our allocated space.

The weather channel promotion on our webpage has nothing to do with our class, I know. However, some of us out-of-towners may wish to know the weather surrounding you "old folks" back home.

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