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Welcome, my friend, to The Feather Fall Library. All of these wonderful tales (and the not so wonderful ones) were written by Yours Truly. I have provided a brief summary of all of the works here. I have also rated them for those who may not want to read certain types of things.

Character Sheets These are basic information of my Characters. So far I only have characters from Mystery and Misery finished, and not even all of them. I'm working on the rest.
Rating: N/A I promise none of them even warrent a rating really. Except maybe Anikari's.

Losing a Friend You will be surprised to know that this story is complete and it is not a fantasy. Before you get too excited, it is NOT my nanowrimo story. And it is not very long. In fact it is only a paragraph. It was not intended to be a paragraph but when I finished this paragraph it just felt finished. Also, the main character's name is a normal name which really suprised me...
Rating: G (Caution may cause emotions.)

Mysterious Heero A young girl loses the only one she ever loved and is threatend by a powerful mage. She is forced to leave her home to seek safety on another planet. She joins a Newsgirls/newsboys lodging house and begins to sell papers. She is reluctant to talk to anyone but eventually opens up to Rebel the leader of the lodging house after some mysterious guy comes looking for her. This will be a book someday...(Mystery and Misery Part 1)
Rating: PG-13 (cussing/violence)

Assassin: n; A Murderer For Hire (or A Good Wizard Is Hard To Come By These Days) This is the sequal to Mysterious Heero. Eventually My sis and I plan to publish these in actual book form. Of course we have to get permission from the people of Ravenswood for the use of their names. Anywho after Heero finds Mysteria he joins Ravenswood. They meet up with a street magician named Wizard and an English girl named Nimue who also join. Protector gets a new job and one of Rebel's old nimesis' is taken care of for good. Also Wizard is about to find out what Mysteria meant when she said "Magic isn't all smoke and mirrors." (Mystery and Misery Part 2)
Rating: PG-13 (cussing/violence)

Blood Brothers You can thank my new and very sweet friend Jester (PsychoWriter) for this being up. He put the html on it for me and made me post it. ;) Protector picks up an apprentice and Wizard gets a visit from his past. It begins in blood and ends in death. Happy reading. (Mystery and Misery Part 3)
Rating: PG-13 (cussing/violence)

The Depressing Poems I don't even remember writing these. I was going through my room looking for the other poems and I found these.
Rating: PG (suicidal themes)

The Love Poems I wrote these shortly after Spring Break in '97 I think. I usually don't write romance. I don't like romantic stuff. I don't read it, watch it, or write it if I can help it, but Griffilekin is an evil little insperation dragon...Mushy awful things these poems...
Rating: G

The Miscellaneous Poems More poems I have written. Not really depressing, and definately not love poems. There is only one here right now. More later I'm sure...but not if I can help it. I'm not much of a poetry person. Like to read it but not write it.
Rating: G

Random Ramblings Here, as promised, are the random things I wrote in class and when I'm bored. It includes 100 Word Stories, Scenes, Settings, Summeries, Story Ideas (lots of S words), Complaints, Random Thoughts, Etc. Each have their own link from this page. Aren't they special? They get a whole page all their own! ;)
Rating: individually marked