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General Information About Me

Name: Amanda Laine

Nickname: Brooklyn

Hair color: light brownish red

Eye color: Blueish-Greyish

Weight: 135 lbs

Height: 5'5"

Job: Air Force Wife/Author (as soon as I get published...)

Hobbies: D&D, reading, writing, playing around in Adobe Photoshop, watching storm clouds, taking pictures, and cooking.

Collections: dragons, My Little Ponies, books, sharp objects like kitchen knives, swords, daggers and Medieval Weaponry.

Favorite Colors: Almost all colors...It really depends on my mood though.

Personality: Somewhat out going yet very shy. . .Insane, Imaginative, Adventurous, Restless.

Born: In my house on September 21, 1982; 3:15 a.m.