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I've wallowed in self-pity,
Swam oceans of salty tears,
So now it's time to risk it all,
And abandon all my fears.

I know you must be out there,
But where is it you hide?
Because I'm feeling sad and lonely,
And I need you by my side.

Some people say I am foolish,
That love comes to those who wait,
And although that may be true for some,
I place no trust in fate.

I don't want to waste another day,
By wandering on alone,
I need to be in someone's arms,
And no longer on my own.

Too many times I gave my heart,
Receiving nothing in return,
Except lies and broken promises,
And a hard lesson to learn.

Year after year, I've been patient,
Waiting for a sign,
That you are searching for my love too,
And some day you will be mine.