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Just when I had given up,
Lost hope of finding love,
You fell into my life,
Like an angel from above.

Lately youíve been acting strange,
I gave you the benefit of the doubt,
My friends told me to forget you,
But I chose to stick it out.

Last night you really hurt me,
Like no man has before,
You made me wait for hours,
Then said you werenít coming at all.

You were selfish and immature,
Thinking I would tolerate your shit,
Running away like a little boy,
Scared I wanted to commit.

I didnít ask too much of you,
Just a little bit of respect,
But you were no longer the nice guy,
That I had come to expect.

If you really liked me,
Just as much as you had said,
Why did I spend so many nights,
Feeling I had been misled?

Why did I need permission,
Before I could even call your phone?
Why chase me in the first place,
To then leave me all alone?

I have cried over you too often,
Yet I really donít know why,
No man is worth my tears,
And the one who is wonít make me cry.

Youíve had many second chances,
To make me feel adored,
I deserve to be a princess,
Not neglected and ignored.

Last night Iíd had enough,
That was the final straw,
I waited for an apology,
But you didnít even call.

You like to take the easy way out,
Well Iíll make it easy as can be,
Donít worry about calling ever again,
ĎCause youíll never be good enough for me.