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Too Deep

Lying awake in bed again,
I canít erase you from my mind,
I wish that sleep would come to comfort me,
But no peace tonight will I find.

When I close my eyes,
I imagine you are holding my body tight,
Keeping me safe and warm in your arms,
Until the first morning light.

I want to trace my fingers along you lips and cheek,
Kiss your neck and make you smile,
Smell your hair and stare into your eyes,
Feel your touch just for a while.

I dream of covering your body in kisses,
Then whispering in your ear,
A promise to give you everything you need,
Yet you are far from here.

This is what you do to me,
Every night while I struggle to sleep,
I try to stay afloat somehow,
But I guess Iím just in too deep.