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Iíve watched you from a distance,
Too afraid to let you know,
That with every day that passes,
My infatuation grows.

I spied your flawless features,
A year or so ago,
And have gazed at you so often,
Scared to let my feelings show.

Rarely have I felt this way,
About someone Iíve never met,
But your allure is irresistible,
And I cannot quite forget.

Your face is so arresting,
I cannot help but stare,
When you catch my eyes upon you,
It is more than I can bear.

In fear I turn and look away,
I cannot read your mind,
Too unsure to even talk to you,
The words too hard to find.

I wish that I could hold your gaze,
With no need to conceal,
How I hunger for affection,
In the hopes that it was real.

Your lips are full and teasing,
Your dark eyes reveal your soul,
Though it isnít simply a part of you,
I am enamoured of the whole.

Itís shallow that I covet looks,
And I may appear unwise,
But pure character is visible,
In your gorgeous smiling eyes.

If only I could speak with you,
But I donít know what to say,
So I'll keep my perfect fantasy,
In the hope we'll meet someday.

- 15.10.02