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Tears Cried

Itís been weeks now since Iíve seen you,
And everytime I try to ask you why,
Things didnít work out between us,
All you do is make me cry.

First you told me you were falling for me,
Yet you never showed me your love was real,
Ignoring me when I needed you,
But wanting my help when you couldnít deal.

In time you admitted you were to blame,
Apologised and wanted me again,
But you burnt my heart so deeply,
That I could never be more than your friend.

Before I fell in love with you,
You were my best friend for awhile,
I shouldnít have taken such a risk,
For one can never turn back time.

Not long ago you blamed yourself,
I forgave you and kept holding on,
But tonight you tried to make me feel,
Like I had done you wrong.

You claim I never loved you,
The way that you loved me,
That I only took advantage,
Of your vulnerability.

That you could think my love was selfish,
Shows you donít know me at all,
I trusted you with my open heart,
While you built up a wall.

The tears that you have caused me,
Proves what we had was built on a lie,
And no matter how it hurts me,
To you I must say goodbye.