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My Photo Album

By the way, I know there's mostly pics of me here but it's my personal webpage so shuddup. haha

Collage of some dodgy pics of me

The tattoo I'm getting...eventually

My next car, hopefully

Bianca, Lauren and I at a friend's birthday

How most people have never seen me, and no I'm not naked.

Bianca and I at the wedding

Bianca and I again

My cheeky kitten Casper who ran away last year :(

Casper being a dork, well he did have me for a role model

Whatta cutie!

Dad dancing with me at Nick & Karine's wedding

The three beautiful debutantes: Leesha, Hayley and Bianca

My second cat, Dusty who is in kitty heaven

My third cat, Milo also in kitty heaven

My favourite photo of my parents

Me and my bouquet at the wedding

Me and my first car, Charlie

Me before Pedro's formal

Me on New Year's Eve 2002

Me, Pedro and Bianca at his formal

Me at some club, hehe

Me on the same night as above

My brother, Nick and his beautiful bride Karine on their wedding day

Claudia, Nonna and Olivia. My little cousins and beautiful Grandmother

Me, as an angel with my cousin Alysha, dressed as a fairy. No, I don't get my kicks from dress-ups, this was for a costume party!

Me, Nick, Simon & Lauren. My brother and cousins when we were little rascals

Ahhh, true love

Nick pretending he knows how to dance. LOL Nah, just kidding!

The wedding in France

Similar photo as above

Me me me me me me me....hey, I did warn you at the top of the page!