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On my own

Surrounded by a crowd of people,
Yet walking on my own,
Immersed in my silent world,
I remain isolated and alone.

Of all the pain I have suffered before,
None has hurt me more
Than the emptiness in my heart,
That I am trying so hard to ignore.

I wish I had an eagleís wings,
With my freedom, off I would fly,
But I am trapped inside the cage I built,
Trying my hardest not to cry.

And then there is you with open arms...
You willingly offer me a hand,
With limitless patience, and comforting words,
I know you will always understand.

But please donít put me on a pedestal,
ĎCause Iím afraid I might fall to the ground,
And I fear that I canít be who you need me to,
Iím so scared I might let you down.

I donít want to burden you with my problems,
But no one knows me as well as you,
You accept me with my many faults,
And can honestly tell me the truth.

So as I sit here by myself,
Pretending not to care,
I wish that you were by my side,
And this moment could be shared.

But Iíll just wait here silently,
And watch those who pass by,
With all my unanswered questions,
And that everlasting why.