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One Day

Standing in your arms,
Not knowing what to do,
I look to you for answers,
But your face reveals no clue.

I know I cannot have you,
You've made that pretty clear,
But it's much harder to accept that fact,
When I'm holding you so near.

You tell me to have patience,
All my feelings, I must hide,
But you can't see through this exterior,
That I'm burning up inside.

I feel your eyes upon me,
But I focus mine on the floor,
Knowing that I can't simply forget you,
For these feelings are too hard to ignore...

Can't you see why I am being so cold to you?
Can't you read it in my eyes?
Every day as my heartache grows stronger,
It becomes harder to disguise.

I just can't take it any longer,
I fear I won't survive,
I've never felt such pain before,
This is eating me alive.

When will my mind stop spinning,
And these teardrops cease to fall?
When can I move on in life,
If I can endure at all...

I will try to look away from you,
I will try my hardest not to stare,
I'll walk through every day and night,
Pretending I don't care...

You used to say it was fate we met,
And trust that brought us closer together,
And although you say that the timing is wrong,
Just know that I will wait forever...

I believe that true love transcends time,
And the inevitable is destined to be,
So no matter what happens, from now until then,
One day it will be just you and me.

Although I can't go on without you,
For my life would surely end,
I can live in the hope of a brighter tomorrow,
And for now I'll remain your friend.