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Not Mine


The moment that I met you,
I was suspicious of your charms,
But now I canít help wishing,
You would hold me in your arms.

You know how Iíve been hurt before,
But you havenít run away,
I feel such chemistry between us,
Yet somethingís getting in the way.

I promised myself Iíd be careful,
Before falling for another guy,
I donít have the strength to trust you,
And then let you say goodbye.

You call me beautiful and Ďsweetyí,
And Iím craving to hear more,
But is it really just the sweet talk,
Iíve heard a hundred times before?

I create excuses to call,
Only to hear you speak,
It doesnít matter what you say,
Your voice just makes me weak.

I love those big brown teasing eyes,
Whenever you give a cheeky grin,
I have fantasies about you,
And find myself caving in.

Youíve been thoughtful and unselfish,
Gave me your jacket to keep me warm,
But I canít help feeling,
Is this the calm before the storm?

You already have a girlfriend,
And although you say thereís no romance,
I need to know itís over,
Before I can give you a chance.

Itís not part of my character,
To take what isnít mine,
So although you want to take me out,
I unhappily decline.

You must decide on who you want,
To prove you are sincere,
And then when you have made your choice,
Just know Iíll be right here.