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Never Meant To Hurt You

I know I chose to leave you,
I think I broke your heart,
But now you're gone I'm feeling lost.
I wish we weren't so far apart.

I needed some time away from you,
A chance to search my soul,
Yet I feel that your absence from my life,
Is what keeps me from being whole.

You said that we could still be friends,
And try hard to keep in touch,
But it seems that I'm the only one
Who seems to care that much.

You said you'd call me when you're free,
Here I'm still waiting to hear your voice,
So though I really need to speak to you,
I know that it's your choice.

You must know that I didn't want to hurt you,
It was painful to say goodbye,
But I needed to know you loved me,
And you refused to tell that lie.

Now as I look upon old photos,
And see you smiling once again,
One tear becomes a river,
For I know that I'm to blame.

All I have left are happy memories,
For all good things come to end,
And though I didn't lose a lover,
I know I've lost my friend.