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Letting Go

Weighed down by my heavy heart,
And the fear of what lies beyond,
I hesitate, I take it slow,
As I walk on all alone.

I should have known it early on,
That something was not right,
I was scared to admit it to myself,
So I waited, I stayed to fight.

I let love take its hold on me,
I surrendered without delay,
My heart and soul, my body too,
Just so that he would stay.

I knew it there inside my head,
I felt that it was wrong,
That no matter how I felt for him,
His love was not as strong.

He never saw the pain I felt,
I was scared to let it show.
I suffered in my silent world,
Until I let him go.

Even this day I want him back,
And I know I always will,
Despite the hurt he let me feel,
I will always love him still.