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Tonight while lying in my bed,
I canít hear a single sound,
And though my body is tired,
Sleep is nowhere to be found.

Instead I fill my head with thoughts,
Of spending time with you,
I close my eyes and see your face,
I donít know what to do.

In daytime when I feel hungry,
I have no desire to eat,
I find myself preoccupied,
Counting the seconds Ďtil we meet.

The world somehow seems brighter,
I have no need to frown,
I feel a kind of natural high,
Nothing can bring me down.

To see your name flash on my phone,
Brings a smile to my face,
Any sadness that Iím feeling,
Disappears without a trace.

Do you know Iím weak and dizzy,
Whenever youíre around?
It makes me feel like dancing,
But my feet donít touch the ground.

You are so sweet and honest,
And deserving of my trust,
I know that I could fall for you,
But right now I am in lust.