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The Perfect Guise

She strides down the corridor,
With a smile on her face,
No one sees past the glazed eyes
Into her numb, aching heart.

A life so full of sadness,
For a girl so sweet and pure,
Hidden troubles locked within her,
That her soul cannot endure.

Sharing her pain with her pillow,
And shedding anger with her tears,
She shies into the darkness,
And tries to frighten off her fears.

All day she lives a different life,
In her world built up from lies,
Creating a faultless illusion,
She wears the perfect guise.

So many people hurt her,
But no one seems to care,
About the fragile child inside the girl
With blue eyes and dark hair.

Her innocence, lost so long ago,
Because of pain in another's heart,
She was torn between her parents,
And her life just fell apart.

Now hurt by so many selfish boys,
She is scarred more than any can see,
Caged like a bird in her hostile world,
All she wants is to be set free.

With pensive eyes she wanders,
Through a cold and lonely life,
And she feels chills all through her body,
When it contacts with the knife.

In bed she waits anxiously,
For sleep to dry her eyes,
But with a slow, smooth movement,
Her heart is set free and she dies...