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I canít sleep tonight,
My guilty conscience haunts me,
Thereís something I must confess to you,
So my mind will let me be.

I know the implications,
Of what I have to say,
Please promise you wonít hate me,
Try to see things my way.

I must be completely honest,
Despite the fear I feel,
ĎCause if you donít know the whole truth,
This hurt can never heal.

I needed some things answered,
For youíd been acting strange,
It had been over a week -
I sensed something had changed.

Iím sorry I didnít trust you,
I know that I did wrong,
I invaded your privacy,
Wandered where I didnít belong.

I didnít think it would be so easy,
I guess I didnít think it through,
I had no idea that what Iíd find,
Would make me feel betrayed by you.

I knew that other girls wanted you,
That fact you couldnít hide,
But why did you flirt back with them,
And when I asked about it, lied?

I understand how you might react,
To this belated news,
But thereís so much hurt between us,
I have nothing more to lose.