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Standing right in front of me,
He kisses me on the cheek,
A friendly grin, his cheeky smile,
And then my knees go weak.

I feel my breathing start to quicken,
My heart twists and clenches tight.
We've always just been good friends,
And I know this can't be right.

I stare at him in confusion,
But he doesn't say a word.
He simply glances in her direction,
And only silence can be heard...

I see the way he looks at her,
With passion in his eyes,
I look away dejectedly,
As a small part of me dies.

She radiates true beauty,
Placing men under a trance,
Hypnotised by this goddess,
Who, so gracefully enchants.

So, hidden in the shadows,
Where I will always stay,
I watch as she works wonders,
And steals my love away.

In my private contemplation,
I ask the question 'why'...
Why did she have to choose him?
Why not some other guy?

As I dwell in my self-pity,
There in front of me he stands,
And despite my expectations,
He gently takes my hands.

He leads me to a quiet place,
And whispers in my ear,
Opens up his heart to me,
And confesses his greatest fear.

He says that it is me he wants,
It has been his only wish,
And to invalidate my disbelief,
He seals it with a kiss.

A kiss filled with desire,
An intimate embrace,
His fingertips caress my cheek,
And illuminate my face.

We part from one another,
And in the corner of my eye,
I see my best friend watching,
With two thumbs up and a smile.

I no longer see the goddess,
A heavenly seraphim,
Having triumphed over jealousy,
The gods have given me him.