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Friends or Lovers


I met you many years ago,
Never would have thought,
Youíd be what I was looking for,
The one that I have sought.

Always supported me along my way,
A true friend from the start,
Saving me from self-destruction,
And my often broken heart.

Endlessly generous with your time,
You always know the right words to say,
I never knew how I truly felt,
Until I saw your smile today.

So many times I came to you,
When another boy played his game,
Each time you were there to remind me,
That not all men are the same.

All this time Iíve been looking for love,
In different strangersí eyes,
While youíve been there to comfort me,
Your truth brighter than their lies.

I know you probably already know,
From what Iíve hinted and said before,
And though itís hard for me to say,
The feelings I canít ignore.

Because I cannot speak the words,
I wrote them in this way,
A poem to simply tell you,
I want to be with you from today.

Please donít feel the need to accept,
And know I will understand either way,
My company is always here for you,
And your friend I will always stay.