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Forgotten People

Starving, lifeless,
A poverty stricken soul.
Lonesome, full of tragedy,
As frightened as a foal.
Such a fragile body,
And a forlorn face.
So unloved and uncared for,
In this war-torn place.
I feel their hurt and pain,
And I see it in their eyes.
I hear a whimpering moan,
As another victim dies.
They are not victims of a plague,
But a horrific deadly war,
No one has understood their need,
So they lie dying on the floor.
There is only one solution,
We must work to ease their pain,
For looking at them I feel guilty,
That they are dying in vain.
The world should be peaceful,
With no fighting or war,
Equality for all people,
And no division between rich and poor.
As long as these people are dying,
The world will never be right.
But any person who is willing enough,
Can finally stop this fight.
These people lie dying,
So helpless and ill,
Their enemies donít care,
For the people they kill.
The shrapnel is flying,
Now the bombs have exploded,
The bullets are soaring,
For the guns are all loaded.
Everyone is dying,
In the massacre I see,
Some of them want to,
So they can finally be free.
These people were innocent,
Yet all of them died,
Their freedom was stolen,
And they had to hide.
They thought they were safe,
But no lives were spared.
The killing could have stopped,
If someone had cared.