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Fear of Being Loved

I read your words
Saw through your eyes
Got a glimpse
Into your heart

Felt your loneliness
And suffering
Watched a spirit be
Torn apart

As your friend
I want to save you
From the rejection
You so fear

Protect you
From the heartache
Ease the sadness
And wipe your tears

I want to
Show you
That you're worthier
Than anyone I know

Of a love
So real and pure
And a warmth
That longs to grow

I wish that
I could make her see
The good that
Lies in you

But if she's not the one
You must move on
For there are more
Whose love is true

Don't waste
A love so precious
On a girl
Who might be wrong

Don't offer
Your love in secret
When your feelings
Are so strong

Let words
Express emotions
That you try
So hard to hide

Tell her
Of your affections
And no longer
Be denied

- 15.05.01