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My favourite things include...

Music - R&B, pop, funk, commerical dance, hip hop, house. R&B is my favourite but it depends on the song.


MY FRIENDS - Moomacool, Ron Ron, Fab, Nev, Celeste, Bianca, Leesh, Belle, Liv, Rob, Tash, Annie, Becstar, Lola, Pedro and Sarah. If you're names not there, you don't matter! HAHA Nah only kiddin :P

Nightclubs - Blah...can't really be bothered anymore. I guess Lotus Bar on a Wednesday and Monday Heat are old time favourites. But haven't been to either in so long that they've probably taken a turn for the worse. And Next Blue always rocked but I haven't been in ages. I think it's time I put my dancing shoes back on. :)

Guys - sensitive, intelligent, mature, sweet & thoughtful, funny, cute and trustworthy, but most importantly, knows what he wants out of life and still waiting to meet him!

Reading - my favourite books to read are romance but I love a book that leaves an impact on me and in some way shapes my life. Can't remember the last book I read though, I get enough reading to do at Uni so I'll leave novels for holidays.

Writing poetry, obviously. :P

TV Show - Australian Idol, Dark Angel, Roswell, Gilmore Girls, Big Brother (before all the interesting people got evicted), and Search for a Supermodel (I love watching people on TV who love themselves get shot down in flames, hehehe). Don't have much time for TV anymore these days. Before it was because I studied too much, now it's because of work. Lucky I like my job (and coworkers, hehe).

Shopping (what girl doesn't?!) I love shopping at Bardot, Lolitta, Edge, Bloch, hell, anywhere that the clothes fit me coz I'm what you'd call 'petite'. ;) Chadstone, Chapel St and Bridge Rd have gotta be the best places to go to do some real damage!

Eating ice cream, Twixes, Crispy M&Ms, Snowflakes, White choc with caramel inside, Italian food, seafood, and drinking Pineapple & Mango Juice. As for coffee, you can't beat a mocha. Chocolate AND coffee...heaven! In summer I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrv tropical fruits though, especially while lazing on the beach. Mmmmmmm...pineapple...I think it's time I move to the Bahamas and live the simple life.

Singer - Mariah (all time fave even though she dresses tarty now), Ashanti, Brandy, Craig David, Usher, Mya, Aaliyah (RIP), Nivea, Christina Milian, Jewel and Delta Goodrem (a total legend who wipes the floor with Holly Valance and other talentless soap stars!).

Singing group - Destiny's Child, Boys II Men, 112, 3LW, The Corrs (ok, so it's not R&B but they rocked at the live concert)

Actress - Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lopez, Alyssa Milano, Sarah Michelle Gellar...any chick who shows that us girls kick arse and can be sexy while being smart!

Actor - Victor Webster, Jensen Ackles, Jay Hernandez (mmm gimme sum of that latin stud!), Ashton Kutcher, Hayden Christensen and Brad Pitt (in Meet Joe Black...yummmm). And that's in order of preference by the way. ;)

Movies/Videos - TOO MANY TO MENTION! But since no one but will read this, I might as well list them. First one would have to be Dirty Dancing coz it will always hold a special place in my heart. Then there's The Matrix (haha, Mooms will get a kick outta this), Just Married (mmm Ashton), Sweet November, Romeo & Juliet, Fight Club, Save the Last Dance, Good Will Hunting, The Green Mile, Lord of the Rings, Van Wilder, Deuce Bigalow, Life As A House, Family Man, Vanilla Sky, There's Something About Mary, Ever After, American Pie, Love & Basketball, Down To You, A Walk To Remember, Chocolat, Dude Where's My Car, Charlie's Angels, 40 Days 40 Nights, A Night at the Roxbury (Emiiiiiiilioooooo, hehehe), Austin Powers, Back To The Future, Fast & Furious, Fools Rush In, Miss Congeniality, Ghost, My Girl, The New Guy, My Best Friend's Wedding, Pretty Woman, X Men, How To Lose A Guy, Bringing Down the House, What A Girl Wants, Coyote Ugly, Minority Report, The Sweetest Thing, 10 Things I Hate About You, Centre Stage, Crazy/Beautiful, A Knight's Tale. Phew...even I didn't realise there were THAT many! And yes, most of them are chick flicks but I make no apologies. :P

Movie Genres - Horror (I luv to scream), romance, comedy and some sci-fi movies that aren't TOTALLY far-fetched!

CD - The one Fabian made for me. HAHAHA Nah, all jokes aside it was a really good mix actually.

Poet - Sylvia Plath (anyone from Lit Year 12 would laugh at this!), Nan Witcomb (an Australian poet who changed my life), Shakespeare (especially the romantic plays *sigh*), and of course me! LOL J/K

Uni subjects - So far, they've all been pretty good. I'm doing a media studies degree and am halfway through it. I love the course and most of my subjects. I just hope I'm happy when I get my grades back from this semester!

Nail Polish Colour - Nude, Baby blue and gold.

Colours - Baby blue

Lucky Number - 3

Animal - Kittens but I love all things cuddly and cute. My kitten Casper was my real-life teddy bear until he ran away. *cries* And NO, cats are not snobs or evil! CATS RULE! =

Ice cream flavour - vanilla, bubblegum, peppermint choc chip

Chocolate - white chocolate, caramel. Oh and Maltesers. Hell, anything with chocolate that doesn't contain peanuts, give it to me!

Places - My bedroom (my sanctuary from the world), the beach, the city at night

Flower - I love roses but my absolute faves are definitely GERBERAS coz they're so bright and colourful! Has anyone noticed I use a LOT of exclamation marks?!!!!

Holiday Destination That I've Been To - San Diego, Rome and Paris. I've loved every place I've visited, but these were my favourites. But after having gone to Florence earlier this year, that's top of my list of foreign places to live someday. At least now I have a logical motive for continuing to study Italian (I've got to be able to converse with sexy Italian boys, don't I?!)

Item of clothing - All 6 pairs of jeans, 4 denim skirts...ok, well my whole wardrobe!! OH and of course all my 4 pairs of bikinis! One of anything is never enough! Oh yeh and my white halter-neck bikini top coz it's HOT!

THAT'S IT FOR NOW ;P Thanx 4 reading!