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Across the smoky dancefloor,
I was mesmerized by your smile,
I watched you from a distance,
And stood spellbound for awhile.

You swayed your body to the music,
And your feet rapped to the beat,
My eyes were transfixed on your figure,
And I wished that we would meet.

You headed for my direction,
And my heart began to race,
I saw you fast approaching,
And kept staring at your face.

Soon you were dancing right beside me,
Your body next to mine,
I wanted you to notice me,
I waited for a sign.

That night you never let me know,
You wanted me in return,
That my feelings were reciprocal,
I was to shortly learn.

The days then passed so quickly,
Until I saw you once again,
I talked to you and realised,
That you're not like other men.

You protected me from danger,
And as I looked into your eyes,
I saw a purity of spirit,
That no man could disguise.

Today I shared the day with you,
I love the way you made me feel,
As though I was floating in a dreamy trance,
Yet everything felt more real.

Your wisdom challenged my mind,
Your humour brightened my day,
Your beauty captivated my eyes,
And your kiss just blew me away.

Tonight I'll go to sleep still glowing,
From your influence, it seems,
But until the day I'm with you next,
I'll see you in my dreams.