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Dreaming Of You

There are mountains between us,
But my love grows strong,
For I know in my heart,
That our love canít be wrong.
I canít give you much,
But you have my heart,
And you know Iím always wishing,
That we werenít so far apart.
They say Ďlove hurtsí,
And I truly understand,
For I long to feel your kisses,
And hold your open hand.
My dreams are only fragments,
Of my endless love for you,
And now my only dream,
Is that all my dreams come true.
But every dream diminishes,
With the wake of a new day,
And Iím left feeling alone again,
I wish my dreams would stay.
I miss you every morning,
For when I open up my eyes,
I remember that you are so far,
So alone, I sit and watch the sunrise.