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Although when I first met you,
I held my guard up high,
Now thereís nothing else Iíd rather do,
Than simply see you smile.

We talk and laugh for hours,
Until night turns into day,
When the time comes for you to leave,
I wish that you could stay.

You make romantic gestures,
A true gentleman inside,
You exude warmth and sensitivity,
But take it in your stride.

I love the way you dance with me,
And live without a care,
Taking me on adventures,
When I normally wouldnít dare.

Your laughter is contagious,
Our stolen kisses like a drug,
I love it when you hold my hand,
Or just give a gentle hug.

Your kisses taste of hot chocolate,
They light my lips on fire,
Your neck smells of sweet vanilla,
And fills me with desire.

I love how soft your hands are,
When you caress my face,
And the security you make me feel,
While wrapped in your embrace.

I love how you make me giggle,
When playing with my hair,
And how your freckles are so sexy,
Yet you are completely unaware.

When we are in a crowded room,
You are the only one I see,
The way your arm fits neatly Ďround my waist,
Confirms that youíre the guy for me.

Itís amazing how when I talk to you,
I always feel at ease,
Then when things get too serious,
We simply flirt and tease.

I feel so comfortable around you,
We can talk about anything, it seems,
From our past and present lives,
To sharing future dreams.

It scares me how much I miss you,
When I saw you yesterday,
But you make me feel so special,
And Iíve never felt this way.

I love how you are passionate,
Secure and without doubt,
And that youíre always trying so hard,
To figure other people out.

I know youíve never fallen,
And Iím not asking that you do,
I merely wrote these words,
To show how much I care for you.